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2017 Summer Newsletter

We're doing more than ever to protect the places you love, thanks to you, our community.

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2016 Fall Newsletter

Whether you love fertile farmland, critical wildlife corridors, or providing children with permanent access to Montana’s rivers and streams, you have reason to celebrate.

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2016 Spring Newsletter

Agriculture is deeply woven into the fabric of Montana. Read about the local, state, and federal policies we have advocated for in recent months, as well as cutting-edge agricultural conservation.

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2015 Summer Newsletter

Conservation is not about preserving the past, but preparing for the future.

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2014 Winter Newsletter

Living in western Montana means loving western Montana. Whether it is growing food, walking in the woods, or enjoying our rivers--time spent in nature is a passion we all share. That shared connection is powerful reminder that we don't do this work for our members, we do it with our members for our entire community.

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